Rebellious Kids

May 20, 2008

So as I’m driving along earlier, I have the misfortune of pulling up next to a couple of high schoolers (I hope to god they weren’t older) with a real identity crisis going on… Here they are, middle class suburbanites driving the car their parents bought them, dressed up as poverty-stricken thugs in an effort to look tough and rebellious, while blasting that noise known as rap loud enough for everyone to hear in the damn city.

When are these kids ever going to learn that their “individuality”, and of course the “I’m a bad ass” look they’re trying to portray, are being sold directly to them, as is the music, and they’re buying right into like the little consumerists they are? I hate to tell you, but that “tough” music and clothing line are being sold to you by the old, white businessmen who syndicate the music, pay the artists to portray it, and design the clothes- all in order to make loads of money off of kids taught not to think who genuinely believe they’re somehow sticking it to the system.

Looks like you might as well be listening to Hanson, kiddo.




One Response to “Rebellious Kids”

  1. Kristy Says:

    HAHA! The jokes on them!!!!

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