For those of you who haven’t tried it, I recommend giving Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat beer a shot. I’ve gotten myself hooked on this stuff and am even drinking one down in between sentences as I type.

I’m generally not a big fan of fruit-flavored beers- the idea doesn’t sound appealing to me in the first place, and the few I’ve tried (with names I don’t remember) were either “not so good” or “god-awful” on the taste scale. This stuff is different, and I would never have even tried it if not for my good friend Brian. It all started one night having beers with friends, Brian brought the Cherry Wheat beer and told me to try it out, and get ready to go back to the best of the “Fat Kid Days”- let’s rewind a bit here…

The Fat Kid Days, for me, were roughly from the age of 9 or 10 until 15. Normally, I comment on how scrawny I used to be as a teen, and believe me, I was- however, there was a time before then when I was a little butterball. I wasn’t one of those REALLY fat guys that everyone refers to as the “fat kid”, but I was pretty chubby, didn’t exercise unless walking to the fridge counts, and spent most of my time playing video games or reading- great activities for fun and learning, but not so so much toward being in good physical shape. If there was one thing I loved as a fat kid (well, besides my Red Baron computer game and internet porn), it was Cherry Coke. I drank them constantly, at school and at home, and couldn’t get enough of the stuff until I finally dropped sodas altogether when I got into working out. I remember it like yesterday- my parents would be on a golf tournament trip (my dad both played and coached), I’d be out of school for spring break, would wake up around 10am, stretch, grab a Cherry Coke, and start my day of net porn surfing and playing Red Baron until the sun went down. Obviously I have a few fond memories of those otherwise hated days.

Back to the Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, this stuff is like the Cherry Coke of beer. It tastes like it- really, it does, and can be a little off-putting at first, but once I’d had a couple, I started really craving this stuff. It’s brewed with mashed cherries and honey, supposedly in a “traditional American recipe” which might be true and which I highly doubt coming from any large company, but the stuff really is damn good. My favorite part is, if you pour it correctly, it gets a nice little creamy foam head that stays there and keeps the beer smooth while you drink it. This is one of those “clear the whole mug in 3 swigs” types of beer for me, along with my beloved Guinness and Boddington’s Pub Ale, because it feels so good going down. Give me a good, creamy beer to relax with, and I’m happy.

My only complaint about this one is that the cherry taste kind of overpowers everything else, and so it doesn’t have much of beer taste to it at all. I love the Sam Adam’s original brew as well, and would like a stronger beer kick to go along with the cherry. Every sip of this beer brings back nostalgic memories of days filled with the immortal Red Baron and Chasey Lain pics that took 5 minutes to load on my crappy 14.4k modem of the time, and to top it all off, I still have my original Red Baron Mac game, AND my old printed off Chasey pic collection. Some things are just never meant to die.